Mjini is a lodge set in the baobab trees on the island of Chole at the
Southern tip of Mafia. A small island off a small island off a small
island. You can not get more remote. Jean and Anne De Villiers the
founders of Chole Mjini have been friends since way before they moved to
Chole over ten years ago. This is real eco friendly tourism, the first
time we travelled to Chole there was no Hotel but Jean and Anne had set
up a dispensery and a school. Jean and Anne settled here with their
young children Didier and Maja and with limited resources and with the
help of the local people have slowly built a lodge by hand which has
become legendary.


There are only eight rooms at Chole Mjini and these are perched in the
baobab trees, set amongst the ruins of an early settlement from the days
when Chole held a strategic position on the trade route between the
mainland town of Kilwa and Zanzibar.
The rooms are simple and very open to the elements as one would expect
from a luxury tree house, but the beds are comfortable and each room has
beautiful views.
Above all each is unique, some with four poster beds others with a
hanging bed.
The bathrooms are situated on the ground floor.
They are open air and simple with composting toilets and paraphin heated
hot water for showering.

The food is made from local ingredients, freshly caught fish,
locally grown vegetables. The style is simple with a distinct local
Swahili flavour and all served in a relaxed friendly atmosphere.

Whilst this is a great place to relax, lounging in your room or at
the bar, there is plenty to do at Chole.
Mafia is a very quiet little island but it is worth making a trip to the
sleepy capital Kilondoni. It is also fun just to walk around the small
island of Chole. Alternatively Chole has three traditional dows and
these are used for excursions to the sandbanks or neighboroughing
islands to explore or enjoy the beaches as those directly on Chole are
not good as the mangrove forest runs into the sea.
Chole Bay is a marine park and there are plenty of wonderful sites for
diving and snorkelling. It fact Chole is excellent for both novice and
advanced divers and Jean is a fully qualified dive master and there is a
dive centre on the island.


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