in a secluded and idyllic stretch of the Tanzanian coast, where the Indian
Ocean laps the shores of East Africa, there
can be found a small and intimate beach lodge of unique distinction.
The nearby fish fertile marine parks, the centuries of sea-faring Swahili
culture, the deep-sea fishing paradise and game park fabled for ocean-bathing
elephant and lion, make this beach lodge the perfect haven for those in
search of peaceful tranquility, special interest activities and an Africa untouched by modern tourism.

A stay at The Tides offers the elemental charm and back to basics luxury
that is the perfect balm to a hurried safari, tiring trek or frantic
lifestyle. This discreet and charming lodge consists of 7 colorful and spacious
beachside cabanas, with en-suite facilities, and a host of exceptional
features that integrate the visitor seamlessly into the surrounding
environment. The rustic makuti-thatch roofs that ripple in the Indian
Ocean breeze, vibrant Caribbean architecture
and collection of traditional artifacts and Swahili furniture conspire to
create a distinctly unique environment in which to unwind  your mind for
anything from a few days to a few weeks.

restaurant, soothed by sea breezes, serves up a sumptuous global cuisine that
brings together contemporary Pacific-Rim flair, European classics and new
world tastes with a lavish array of seafood, brought daily by dhow-borne
fishermen to your table. The lamp-lit dinners, set to the serenading surf-sigh
of the Indian Ocean, make for a definitively
romantic experience. The beachside bar completes this vision of paradise with
an exotic repatoire of lush cocktails, ice-cold beers and tropical juices to
slake your thirst and cool your brow.

if the bleached-white sands, crystalline jade seas and calming sway of the
palm trees were not reason enough for a visit, The Tides offers a unique
range of activities with which to introduce the visitor to the surrounding
attractions. Be it snorkeling off the nearby Maziwi
Island atoll, a sunset cruise up the
Pangani River or day Safari to the adjacent
Saadani Game Reserve, where bush meets the beach. These unique excursions
offer a rarely seen insight into Tanzanian coastal life.



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