Beach is a small guesthouse which is located out on its own on a long stretch
of classic palm-lined, white sand beach on the the North East coast of
Zanzibar Island. Just off-shore from the guesthouse is the world-famous
Mnemba Atoll, whose circling reef has some of the best diving in East Africa. Along the beach from us are palm-thatched
villages, where friendly local people live a traditional life dominated by
fishing. Matemwe really is close to the classical notion of paradise.

We have seventeen rooms at the guesthouse, all of which have ensuite
bathrooms and hot water. Sorry for the bad photo.
There are seven rooms on the front row, which are set back a little from the
beach for privacy. Next there are three rooms in a second group a little
further back. Finally there are another seven rooms which we have built 100
metres back from the beach which offer a glimpse of the sea and a cool breeze
though the night.
We try hard to make the rooms that little bit special and you will find
various of our "little touches" around the place. 
All rooms have fans. There are also two rooms which we have fitted with
air-conditioning, but again this is not usually necessary as there is almost
always a sea breeze. Electricity is 230Vac, powered by generator, which we
usually run most of the day and through the night. Plugs are UK
3-rectangular-pin pattern.

lodge is centred around a single large open-sided space looking onto the
beach, which serves at the lounge, bar and restaurant. As one guest put it :
"This is the most chilled chill-out spot I have ever found". We
have books and games to entertain our guests who want to take a break from
the beach and sun.
As we are a little place far away from supermarkets we use a lot of fresh
products provided by people within the community. Our menus are small but
good and change daily for every meal. Favourites amongst our guests are the
grilled fillet of fish with a passion fruit sauce, chicken kebabs with a chilli
garlic dressing. We don’t neglect vegetarians either and our chef Salum will
CHART to you if you have any special needs.
The atmosphere at Matemwe is chilled and laid-back but this does not mean you
wait half an hour for a beer – our staff are friendly and attentive – as
another guest put it : "I wish we could take your smiles home with
The romantics amongst you will be left in peace but we often find ourselves
rearranging the tables at meal times as more and more new friends sit
together over a bottle or two of good South African red.
As some of our guests like to dive, snorkel, and explore the island we do not
offer a fullboard option which makes them feel tied to the hotel. However, as
we are on such an undeveloped part of the coast we do recommend that you book
for half-board as there are not that many dinner options.

of the main reasons for coming to Matemwe is for the world class diving at
Mnemba atoll.
We usually say that there is enough variety on Mnemba for about 4 to 5 days
worth of good diving, maybe 8 to 10 dives, although the reef is always ready
to spring a surprise or two.
Mnemba is a circular reef, with aquarium conditions on the inside and some
good wall-diving on the outer. Diving here is a year-round event, with
reasonably good conditions to be found on the atoll under almost all weather
conditions and visibilities of 20 to 40 metres are the norm. We regularly see
turtles and dolphins here and are often lucky enough to see (or even get a
tow from) whale sharks and pilot whales.
We have a full 5 star IDC PADI dive school at the lodge, which works in
conjunction with our dive office in Stonetown. We are able to offer the full
range of PADI certificate courses, as well as try dives and snorkelling trips
for the non-divers. For PADI open-water courses we are happy to take a
referral certificate from those of you who want to do the theory and pool
work before you come.



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