beautiful early 19th Century is the last of the Royal country houses of Zanzibar still
standing. The house is truelly magnificent and has been completely restored
and refurbished in 1997 and is now a luxury guesthouse or used for full house
rentals. The house has only four bedrooms sleeping a maximum of 10 and is
managed like a private house rather than as a Hotel The house situated at
Bububu, 4 miles to the North of Stone Town, the capital of Zanzibar, is
surrounded by 18 acres of walled private orchards and tropical gardens full
of bougainvillaea which run down to the beach.

The house is situated on two floors and has high ceilings throughout. All the
rooms and bathrooms are very large. The house is designed for eight but can
sleep a maximum of ten in four rooms. The property probably built in the mid
1800’s has a long history and has been leased by House of Wonders from the
Royal family of Al Busaid who once ruled the island. In the 1860’s, the house
is also believed to have been the last residence of Princess Salme, the
daughter from the liaison between Sultan Seyyid Said Busaid and a Circassian
Concubine (see "memoirs of an Arabian Princess from Zanzibar"). Two large terraces have
been tastefully added to the house in the first half of the 1900’s.

first floor Terrace: massive with spectacular views large dining table and
lounge chairs.

Central atrium: Some 7 metres high and elegantly furnished. Three
bedrooms lead off the central atrium, these are Princess Salome which runs
the length of the house and nine double windows look out over the sea below,
Princess Bi Khole overlooking the orchard and Sultan Bargash with its terrace
looking towards Stonetown.



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