Finding Home in East African Accommodations

Destinations accommodation are naturally blend contemporary style and old-world elegance, and the best of them blend almost organically into their surroundings, too. From luxury tented camps that positively secretion the romance of safari to mobile camps that follow hot on the heels of the herds, they’re bound to delight.

If East Africa is where the journey of humankind began, then no wonder there’s a genuine sense of homecoming at each of the East African accommodation recommended by Wildlife Safari. Of course, that could also be explained by the genuine warmth of the welcome at each of them, and the delight that the lodge staff typically from the area around each lodge take in sharing the secrets of their culture and of the ecosystems they call home.

As you plan out your Africa safari tour, you shall have to consider which kind of accommodation option you would wish to stay at as per your preference and budget. There are a wide variety of accommodation options to choose from while planning for your ultimate East Africa safari tour any time of the year. At Focus East Africa Tours, we have quite the variety of accommodation options to choose from for your safari tour. While you are looking to enjoy your East Africa safari tour, you have an opportunity to enjoy staying at some of the best budget accommodation; we also have very great rates for mid-range accommodation that they can be made available to budget travelers as well.

Where Nature and Luxury Unite

Budget accommodation

Just like the name suggests, are generally made for travelers that have a small budget and wish to spend as little as possible whilst on any East Africa safari. Budget accommodation have rooms with basic amenities like a good room, bed, most are en-suite. Though they are budget accommodation, the service offered is comfortable, area and rooms are clean and fit for stay. Most budget accommodation options are usually outside the parks; some of them however are inside parks especially for those national parks that are very large like the Serengeti National Park, Masai Mara National Reserve among others

Mid-range Accommodation

Mid-range accommodation offers a better standard of services, offer better facilities, have a better and variety of food and ultimately more comfortable compared to the budget accommodation option. There are a wide variety of mid-range accommodation across all the East African countries. Mid-range accommodation is usually in a good location, are comfortable, have good food and amazing service as well The mid-range camps and lodges in the usually range from semi to fully permanent structures with raised wooden floors. The rooms also are clean, with clean bathrooms and fine linen. The camps are usually not large enough, are exclusive with larger beds and basic amenities

Luxury Accommodation

Luxury accommodation are hotels and lodges as well as camps, and are usually high priced. Luxury accommodation are much pricier compared to mid-range accommodation, have opulent rooms with lavish decorations, fine dining. The luxury accommodation in the savanna parks of East Africa is usually set in the best and most scenic parts of the park, offering amazing views and experiences for travelers after a luxurious stay whilst on even an Africa safari tour. The luxury safari camps give you a feel of the wild even whilst enjoying the possible luxury accommodation.

Semi Luxury Accommodation

Uniquely different and scenically located, the East African luxury safari lodges are located within the national parks, reserves and conservancy areas. Presented in classic African style, this accommodation type offers charming rooms, outdoor swimming pool areas, atmospheric dining, ‘sundowners’ (within the lodge or in the surrounding scenery), game drives, guided walks and cultural visits. Semi Luxury Tented Camps, ideally located and presented in the time-honored ‘Out of Africa’ style, these semi-luxury and luxury tented lodges have little to do with ‘camping’ and everything to do with atmosphere. Usually comprising a central dining and bar area, which may be presented in the form of a central lodge, or an under canvas ‘mess’ area, they are typically surrounded by widely spaced permanent ‘tents. The tents will typically have thatched roofs, concrete or stone floors, in-built ensuite bathrooms with hot and cold running water and flushed WCs, hotel-styled furniture and generator-electricity. The lodge will also typically feature a swimming pool and an external campfire area and/or game-viewing platform or water-hole with a bar. Great East African tented safari lodges and camps can be experienced on Kenya safari, Tanzania safari or while gorilla trekking on Uganda travel.

Adventure Budget camping

Adventure Budget camping

This is the ideal way for those who like to “rough it”. Accommodation is provided in a public campsite in a two-man tent with folding safari beds, mattresses, pillows blankets and bed sheets. The tents are spacious enough for two people and have a mesh on each window to keep off insects. The guests’ safari vehicle, invariably a 4-wheel drive (4×4), manned by a driver-guide experienced in camping and accompanied by your cook, tows a custom-built trailer carrying camping equipment and provisions. All preparations for setting up the camp are made on arrival at the campsite. The driver-guide and cook will pitch tents, cook and do cleaning. The cook prepares three meals a day – breakfast, lunch, and dinner (3-course) served on a dining table with chairs. The public campsites provide basic washroom facilities including shared toilets and shower of reasonable hygienic standard for the guests.
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