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Beach holidays  are perfect for people who just need time out to relax to recharge their batteries. Avoid the hustle and bustle of city life, and soak up the sun, sea, and sand in a calm location, listening to the sounds of the waves lapping up on the shore. The mainland and islands along the coastline have some of the most stunning beaches in the world, with  powder white sands and turquoise blue seas. The balmy temperatures are around 30 degrees centigrade throughout the year, making Tanzania and its islands the perfect beach getaway, whatever time of year you want to go. You can arrange Beach stay in Zanzibar Island, Mafia Ialand, Pemba Island, Pangani and Dar es Salaam

Zanzibar Island Beaches

With its location, barrier reef and outstanding beaches Zanzibar can offer all of the attractions that most crave such as scuba diving, glorious beaches, fresh seafood and much more. For those that are a little restless there is a small forest in the interior called Jozani that has indigenous red colobus monkeys, and the spice tours in one of the small farms just outside
Zanzibar Town are a fascinating glimpse into why this island has become so famous. Zanzibar Island is much more than a stopping point on an itinerary, and can be seen as a destination in itself. What the island offers is a unique combination of outstanding beaches, along its eastern edge, interesting activities, such as visiting a working spice farm, and the cultural delights of Stone Town, with Arabian fortresses and minarets. Eastern Zanzibar Island beaches In general, the eastern beaches are lovely but the tides go out a long way making swimming difficult in many places at low tide. Some of the beaches in the east (especially more southerly) can often be strewn with seaweed. If there is a small amount, good lodges tend to clear it up each day, but it can’t always be avoided (especially around December to February). Chwaka Bay is fringed by mangroves and this adversely affects the water and sand quality in the immediate region.
Northern & northwest Zanzibar Island beaches these are the least tidal so often the best choice if you want to be able to swim in the sea all day. However, because of this, these are some of the busiest areas, especially around Nungwi. The north-eastern beaches are still affected by tides.
Southwest Zanzibar Island beaches in the southwest tend to be more coral cliff than sandy beach, but there are some sandy coves. Swimming, snorkeling and diving are good here, although the best snorkeling and diving is near Mnemba Atoll on the east of the island. Alternatives to heading for Zanzibar Island include chilling out on other, smaller Indian Ocean islands off Tanzania, such as Mafia or Pemba, or exploring the mainland coast, also known as the Swahili Coast. Tanzania is a wonderful choice for a beach holiday.

Mafia Island Beaches

As for the main features of the beaches of Mafia Island, they are as follows: The Island’s beaches are mainly narrow, long and have a high level of cleanliness. The most common surface is fine sand of bright color. Usually, entry into the water is gentle, which is very good for kids.

Pemba Island Beaches

The gentle sea with the purest water and the magnificent fine sandy beaches of Pemba Island attract more and more tourists yearly. The crystal turquoise color of the seawater sets the level of your vacation somewhere between stunning and perfect. So if you are looking for the perfect sea, this is your place! The coastline of Pemba Island is primarily straight and have their charm, giving a feeling of absolute freedom. Many of them have a natural shade that saves in the midday heat. Regarding location, Pemba Island is dominated by beaches outside urban areas in a natural setting. They may not be convenient for all categories of travelers (you can use filtering by access type or audience), primarily due to possible access difficulties. But they always give you extra points due to the amazing natural views, so isn’t that why most of us go to the beach?

Dar es salaam beaches

Dar es Salaam lies on the coast of Tanzania near the equator. So it should come as no surprise that the beautiful beaches are a great draw to both locals and visitors. Although many take the ferry to the island of Zanzibar for their beach holiday, there are plenty of options nearby. With many great beaches in the city, it’s almost difficult to choose the best. Hear are the best beaches, Mbezi Beach, Coco Beach, Southern Beach, Mbudia Island beach, Kipepeo Beach, Kunduchi Beach, Mikadi Beach, Amani Beach, Bahari Beach.

Pangani Beaches

Pangani has gorgeous, quiet beaches with palm trees, mangrove forests, rivers and slightly off-shore sandbanks and very beautiful coral reefs. As you go further south, the beauty increases. There is no tourism in Pangani and the local population is mainly engaged in agriculture and fishing

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