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There are multiple possibilities to get acquainted with the Tanzanian culture. Cultural tours in Tanzania take you to discover the countries diverse heritage. There are 120 tribes in Tanzania and because of that, Tanzania’s culture is just as varied as the wildlife in the country. The fact that these tribes have learnt to live in harmony (at least when you compare with what is happening in some of the neighboring countries) is an achievement that is often understated. Each of the 120 tribes have their own tradition

al dances, music, rituals, social practices, art and traditional religious beliefs. Tanzania Culture addition will compliment your safari and complete your experience of Africa. All Tanzania Culture Safaris are organized with gentleness and respect for the cultures, villagers and homes we visit. Our hope is for you to meet the diverse cultures firsthand and to experience what makes Tanzania so special. Besides enriching itineraries and adding quality to the tours offered in Tanzania, the cultural tours are generating direct income to the local communities that are being visited, contributing to their development.

Cultural site & Historical sites

Cultural site & Historical sites

Tanzania is one of the best countries to visit in the world. It is also one of the nations that has been endowed with a lot of tourist attractions that contribute largely to national income. Despite having the exceptional cultural practices in Tanzania there are various sites that have great history in the world. These places or sites are worth visiting and exposes visitors to great exposure and entertainment. Here are some of these historical sites that are worth visiting in Tanzania.

Stone Town

Stone Town

Stone Town is the old part of Zanzibar City, and its Swahili architecture incorporates elements of Arab, Persian, Indian, European and African styles. The town was named for the coral stone buildings that were built there during the 19th century, on the site of a very old fishing village. Stone Town was the centre of trade on the East African coast between Asia and Africa before the colonization of the mainland in the late 1800s. For many years Stone Town was a major centre for the slave trade; Slaves were obtained from mainland Africa and traded with the Middle East. The Anglican Cathedral is built on the site of a former slave market and some holding cells still exist at this site. Today there are 51 mosques, six Hindu Temples and a Catholic and Anglican Cathedral in this multi-ethnic town. There are many burial places around the outskirts of town, with interesting headstones and graves, and some important graves in the town itself, usually of religious leaders.

Olduvai Gorge/Oldupai Gorge.


Olduvai Gorge: The Olduvai Gorge is an archeological site where Dr. Louis Leakey discovered the skull of the “Nutcracker Man” also known as Zinjanthropus in 1959. This particular fossil and many others date back to about 2 million years ago. Because of these discoveries, Oduvai Gorge is now known as the cradle of Mankind. The handy man or “Homo habilis” and the Zinjanthropus can be seen in a small museum at the site. Olduvai Gorge is found along the road leading to the Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro crater.

The Old Fort.

Popularly known as Boma la Kale is located in Zanzibar Island and it is one of the oldest buildings that has been acting as a major tourist attraction in the place in the town, Stone Town. The Old Fort is also known as fortification or the Arab Fort. It was built by the eastern Arabs who came to Zanzibar some centuries ago. The Old Fort was built soon after the removal of Portuguese in 1699 by the Omani Arabs. The fort was formerly used as the prison and garrison especially during 19th century before it was later on changed to be used as the Zanzibar terminal for railways in 1905 to 1928. Other buildings were built around it later on. Currently, the fort is used as the main center for the international festivals of Zanzibar.

Old slave market/Anglican cathedral

Old slave marketAnglican cathedral

This is also one of the great museums in Zanzibar Island. It is not far from the capital city of Zanzibar, Stone Town. The museum is also one of the worthiest places for visitors especially when you get good guides. Despite the fact that the place is worth visiting but is does not cost too much to visit it. It costs only about 5USD as the entrance fee. It was used as the great slave market in the country especially the Zanzibar Island before it was officially closed in 1873.

Kondoa Irangi

Kondoa Irangi

This is also one of the historical sites in Tanzania. It was declared as one of the UNESCO world’s heritage in 2006. This was due to its impressive collection of arts and rocks. It is located in Dodoma, the capital city of Tanzania. Kondoa Irangi was used as one of the colonial administrative areas during the colonial period in Tanzania. The rocks and paintings are one of the impressive areas that are worth visiting in Tanzania.



This is another site that is amazing and worth visiting in Tanzania. It is place rich in historical ruins in its famous cities of Kaole and Kilwa Masoko. Bagamoyo district is located in the coastal region, Pwani and it contains a lot of tourist attractions. It contains the historical mosques among which one is said to be the greatest mosque in east Africa during those days. Simply, this is one of the homes to cultural heritages and historical sites of the world that are waiting visitors to explore a lot from them.

Above is just but a few out of many spectacular Historical sites found in Tanzania. In addition to that, there are several things one can enjoy once at these Historical sites. These includes traditional musical entertainments of dances, drums, trumpets and whistles all from local tribes. Also we have African cultural organic food with special taste in Tanzania. It is vivid that Tanzania do have historical sites in Tanzania to which you get to learn about human history of generations back. Apart from the mentioned Historical sites, you can travel to Tanzania to visit this historical sites like rock painting in Kondoa Irangi- Dodoma, Isimila Stone Age in Iringa region, Tanzania.

Mulala village

Still in Arusha is Mulala village found 30 kilometers away from Arusha town. This village lies on the southern slopes of Mountain Meru and is also a favorite destination for tourists who Cultural trips to Tanzania are interested in immersing themselves in the beautiful culture of the people of Tanzania. Cultural tours in Mulala are organized by Agape Women’s Group. The women guides will take you around the village to learn about the lifestyle of the Waarusha tribe. Expect to be taken to the local farms where you will learn how to make cheese and bread. A tour can be extended to the Marisha River for a chance to see some of the medicinal plants used to cure common ailments. You can also be taken to Ziwa la Mzungu to spot a large colony of fruit bats. The Lemeka Hill provides jaw-dropping views of Mount Meru and Kilimanjaro hence a perfect spot for taking photos.

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