Situated in one of the country’s most beautiful wilderness areas, Udzungwa Mountains National Park is very special indeed. The 1000 km² park features scenic mountains and forests that are home to animals found nowhere else on earth. Six species of primates, including the rare Iringa red colobus monkey and the Sange crested mangabey monkey can be found here. The park also has elephant, buffalo, leopard and a rich birdlife.

The park lies in an area that is one of the few places in Africa to be covered by continuous rainforest. Though there are no roads, there are several hiking trails which are quite popular with hikers.

The Udzungwa Mountains are a mountain range south east of Dodoma in Tanzania and are part of the Eastern Arc Mountains. They are covered with tropical rainforest, mountain forest, miombo woodland, grassland, steppe and are home to many large mammals, including the Uzungwa Red Colobus and Sanje crested mangabey, and unusual animals such as the Grey-faced Sengi. The area has extremely high biodiversity with numerous endemic species (more than 25% of the vertebrate species). They rise to 2579m at Luhombero and 10% of them are protected by national parks (the Udzungwa Mountains National Park and Udzungwa Scarp Forest Reserve).